Book (Unselfish)

UNSELFISH – LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THY SELFIE, an indie-published coffee table book, sold 10,000 copies in less than two months.

“The  acknowledgement  that  selfishness  pervades  modern  life,  and  our  inherent  desire  for  the  opposite,  is  the   great  hope  for  us  all,  and  our  future.    The  stories  in  Unselfish  give  us  great  hope  for  the  future.”      (SCOTT NEESON,   former  President,  Twentieth  Century  Fox  International,  Founder  &  Exec  Dir, Cambodian   Children’s  Fund)

Considering  that  the  average  nonfiction  book  in  America  sells  less  than  250  copies  a  year,   UNSELFISH  has met with incredible success.  The  book,  which  celebrates  acts  of  kindness  and   extraordinary  sacrifices  of  regular  people  and  celebrities,  has  sold  out  on  Amazon  three   times.  Released  on  May  5,  2015, UNSELFISH shares heartwarming stories and images from  high  school  football  players  helping  a  special  needs  girl  fit  in,  to  a  police  officer  feeding   a  hitchhiker  and  her  dog,  to  a  Hollywood  producer  leaving  behind  a  6-­‐figure  job  to  help   children  in  Cambodia.

“Ten  minutes  into  this  book  I  was  crying.  The  stories  are  so  powerful  and  affirming,”  writes   Kirk  in  an  Amazon  review.     “I’m  reading  this  book  with  my  grandson,”  Chris  E.  Tew  writes  in  his  review.  “We  love  the   stories.  They  inspire  us  to  be  more  generous,  more  loving  and  more  humble.”

On  a  recent  interview  on  The  Marilu  Henner  Show,  Henner  told  editor  Paul  Parkinson,  “This should  be  on  everyone’s  coffee  table  so  they  can  get  inspired.”

As  President  of  Gradual  Elevate  Media,  Paul  previously wrote  the  story  for  and  oversaw  the  production   of  the  feature  film,  “Nowhere  Safe”  –  a  movie  that  addresses  the  issue  of  cyberbullying. Paul’s  work  is  in  media  that  positively  affects  society  and  culture. He  is  currently  collecting  stories  for  a  second  book. For  additional  information,  visit