Studio Overview

Why are we building a studio? Because we were just sitting around, twiddling our thumbs, needing a 5-year project! Okay, maybe we have a slightly wiser reason for committing our resources and selves to such a giant undertaking. The real reason is: we’re nuts.

Well, not completely nuts.  I mean, how would we manage to raise $50MM for this project if we didn’t have at least a small bit of sanity still lurking somewhere within our creative selves? However, when very sober and wise business leaders with reams of accounting columns dancing in their heads and the first 42 digits of pi standing by for instant recall review our studio plan, then do the whole nod, grunt, and smacking of lips thing that indicates it’s an ingenious idea, we feel a little less crazy and little more like we’re being Very Smart Adults Stewarding Resources Responsibly To Achieve Societal Good.

So, what’s the plan?

If you would ever-so-kindly find the nearest hard object and pat your hands on it with increasing pressure and pace (a/k/a make a drumroll)…

Phase One includes roughly 184,000 square feet of space that houses:

  • 4 main stages (two 16,000sf and two 12,000sf)
  • recording studio for small symphonic recordings and/or radio show
  • post-production wing
  • office space for outside production personnel
  • costume department
  • set design warehouse
  • back lot
  • membership-based club restaurant
  • green architecture and building processes
  • pet-friendly (it’s Florida – that’s just how we roll)

Our architecture and planning firm is Los Angeles-based Bastien and Associates, Inc. Their other studio build projects have included CBS Studio Center in Studio City, California; Dreamworks SKG in Playa Vista, California; Universal Studios in Universal City, California; Warner Bros in Burbank, California; Central City Studios in Chicago, Illinois; Dubai Studio City in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Icon Studios in Glendale, Arizona; James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment, Inc. in Manhattan Beach, California; Los Angeles Center Studios in Los Angeles, California; Manhattan Beach Studios in Manhattan Beach, California; santa Fe Studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, California. (So, yeah, they kinda know what they’re doing by now.)

We have identified the individual who will run day-to-day operations of the studio (complete with a very cool title and fancy-schmancy office)…but we can’t tell ya who he is because he’s busy being a studio executive for another company until we get ours to the point of needing him. We gave ya a hint here. It’s a “he.” You’re right. You’re right. That’s hardly a hint as it represents over half of the people in leadership positions in the entertainment industry. Hmm. We should do something about that, too…

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