THE NEAPOLITAN – industry info

Welcome to the industry information section for THE NEAPOLITAN, a charming dramedy that mixes the relationship dynamics we all loved in “Gilmore Girls” with the sophistication of “Frasier.”

PASSWORD: sonstudios

The Neapolitan Trailer from Rebeca Seitz on Vimeo.

Our heroine Elizabeth Bakersfield’s backstory is communicated via the pilot’s animated intro:

PASSWORD: sonstudios

IntroNEAPOLITAN from Rebeca Seitz on Vimeo. PASSWORD: sonstudios

  • Created and written by TV veteran Bob Burris (“Growing Pains,” “In The House”) and Rebeca Seitz (female writer and show creator! woot!)
  • Based on the novella¬†First Blush, Season One’s 10 episodes are sketched out.
  • Chad Gundersen (Out Of Order Studios) and Seitz produced.
  • Delacey Skinner directed (female director! yay!).
  • Crystal Martinez (“Under the Dome,” “In Plain Sight”) starred in this show about a woman figuring out life.
  • Shot on location in Naples, Florida in October (yep, even Hurricane Irma couldn’t stop this production).
  • Of the 15 acting roles in the show, 8 are female¬†and 7 are for characters over age 50

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