Sponsor Media Creation

Be a part of the action! Your financial support can help create a book, television show, or film.

Publish a Book ($24,000)

Want to help a writer publish a book and get it into the hands of readers nationwide? Every day, book projects languish because the writer simply doesn’t have the means to publish it with excellence. Or, worse, they “make do” and create an inferior book that ends up getting judged for its cover and never purchased or opened. But you can unlock those books’ cultural impact by funding their publication through SON’s books division. The SON staff has over 40 years of experience publishing books and getting them into the hands of their target market. Each book project is provided every element necessary to position a high-quality finished book for successful cultural impact.

The Details:

Can complete up to 6/year
10-12 Months
Cover Design
Acknowledgment of sponsor within the book
If book is fiction, sponsor can name a character
Publishing of initial 100 copies
Media training for the writer
6 months public relations promotion
Presence on major e-tailing sites (Amazon, B&N, etc)
Presentation to brick-and-mortar bookstores, big box stores, niche outlets

Create a Platform ($15,000)

Having a platform is critically important for writers in today’s market. Without a built-in audience listening to their voice, many authors end up with a garage full of books they can’t sell or a manuscript that no publisher will publish. But writers are…writers. They aren’t marketers. They often need assistance in articulating their “brand” and understanding how to communicate it. SON works with authors to capitalize on their existing contacts and grow them into communities of like-minded people interested in what the writer has to say.

The Details:

Can complete up to 20/year
3-4 Months
Create 2 social media presences
Sponsor may choose a brand to be credited in print and online media (e.g. “This website brought to you by”)
Create website
Identify brand
Create product creation plan for content
Possible promotional partnerships between sponsor’s products/brands and writer’s


Develop a Film ($45,000*)

Creating a film is a multi-layered process requiring many steps. Often, someone has a good idea for a film but not much else.  They need to engage in the development phase. This is the hardest element for a filmmaker because it is costly and yet there isn’t a “real” project in which to secure investment yet. The majority of independent film projects get stuck at this point. So, what is needed to make a project “real”? When it is a solid, easily-communicated, unique concept. When it has a script or treatment. When it has “names” attached in one or more of the key roles of producer, director, or actor. When its budget has been determined. When the filmmaker can clearly communicate the investment opportunity of the project. Basically, when the only thing still needed is the money to shoot it, a project is real and solid enough to put in the hard work of securing investors. By providing the development phase to a filmmaker, you help him or her overcome the single biggest obstacle (development) in the filmmaking process.

The Details:

Can conduct up to 6/year
4-6 Months (can be extended)
Solidify story concept
Review existing script/materials
Sponsor receives “With Special Thanks To” credit on screen
Create selling kit/pitch deck
Attach one or more key names (producer, director, talent, distributor)
Determine estimated film budget
*Create a script
Sponsor may name a character in the story
*a script may or may not be able to be secured within this dollar amount. Screenwriters are paid a wide range of fees for their services. SON will make every effort to include a first-draft script, but reserves the right to refrain from providing that element if the project would best be served by a more expensive route to script creation (e.g. a well-known screenwriter is available and interested, but requires a higher fee to write the script).


 Expand the Brand ($5,000)

SON requires the support of like-minded individuals and organizations to achieve its mission. Because of this, we are constantly at work to expand our network of relationships. We seek out and go to people who also understand and believe that entertainment sets the norms for the culture, and that SON is populating the entertainment offerings with movies, books, and TV shows embedded with enriching, conservative values.  

The Details:

15 needed yearly
SONDay Monday screenings at Paragon Theater Naples
Gatherings in SW Florida for supporters and interested parties
Sponsor’s name and/or business name included in all promo materials for events
Newsletter creation and distribution
Advertising opportunities in newspaper, magazine, radio, and internet spaces
Sponsor receives recognition and thanks during events
Sponsor’s name and/or business name included on SON website


It’s Who You Know ($5,000)

Ever finished a book and wondered how on earth it got published in the first place? Or walked out of a movie theater thinking, “Who thought that was a good enough idea to produce it?” Those are the moments when you realize that the entertainment industry runs on relationships. It’s likely that awful book or bad movie got the greenlight because someone was friends with someone else and that friendship colored the decision-making process. Relationships get the good stuff made too, though. They are the force that persuades a decision-maker to take a chance on something new – something from an unknown writer or something that has those odd “conservative” values in it. Building relationships is tough, but utterly necessary. It requires us to go to various cities for conferences, trade shows, and in-person meetings. The time, expense, and effort are worth it and required if we want to keep growing our network of people who can help bring SON movies, books, and TV shows to fruition.

The Details:

7 needed per year
Airfare, lodging for SON reps to meet with industry executives in key cities (L.A., Nashville, Miami, NYC, Dallas, Colorado Springs)
Sponsor receives acknowledgment in SON social media updates (Facebook and Twitter) regarding trips
Presentations by SON representatives to industry executives in order to bring SON books, movies and TV shows to fruition
Registration and participation in key trade conferences (e.g. NATPE, BEA, ICRS/ICVM, Sundance, Heartland)
Should SON have promo materials at industry events, sponsor’s name and/or logo is included thereon

If you have questions, ideas, or are interested in providing support for any of the above please email [email protected] or call 239-403-0203.

Thank you for your support!