Want to Work in Movies and TV?

Ooh, a cool thing is coming! Welcome to SON Studios’ next step in building a film and television industry right here in Southwest Florida.

While crewing up for production of “The Neapolitan” in Naples last October, it became apparent that there are some very talented and skilled people in Southwest Florida. Many of you, though, have never worked on set and weren’t quite sure how your skills or interest could translate into a career in the film and television industries. Now, a solution exists just for you.

The Introduction2Production Conference is a one-day event on April 15, 2018 that introduces you to the span of departments and workers needed for a full-scale production.

You’ll learn about production management, set operations, makeup and hair, wardrobe, electrical operations, camera operations, grip operations, and art direction – all from crew who have worked on successful projects like BURN NOTICE, CSI: MIAMI, SIX DAYS SEVEN NIGHTS, WATERWORLD, and more.

We cannot wait to introduce you to each other, to the presenters, to SON staff, and to the world of film and television production. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or contemplating a second/third/fourth career, this conference is for you!

Attendees of this conference will be noted as potential crew for SON Studios productions later in 2018.

Ready to meet the people who make TV and movies? Interested to find out where you might fit on crew?


Sponsorship opportunities exist. Want to help someone on their path to securing a livable wage, year-round job? Are you able to offer a hand-up to those seeking education and training?


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