Naples Noteworthy Features SON President & CEO Rebeca Seitz

The May 2017 edition of Naples Noteworthy has a familiar face as its feature subject: SON Studios President & CEO Rebeca Seitz.

“When it comes to people you should know, Rebeca DeBoard Seitz tops the list. She is an amazing woman; not only is she a writer and a publicist, but she is the President and CEO of SON, the Spirit Of Naples and Southwest Florida, Inc. and home of SON Studios, an entity that exists to create relevant, mainstream media that has a positive impact on society.

The company has opportunities for donors to sponsor projects such as book publishing, platform creation and branding, and film development, so it’s a way for those with resources to directly impact the type of media that is reaching mainstream society. If you’re not resonating with the values you’re seeing reflected in today’s media, SON is exactly the solution you may have been hoping for. The company even has a Studio in the pipeline and is merely waiting on the right sponsors to recognize its potential and back the project…”

Read the entire article and interview at:

Rebeca DeBoard Seitz – The Face Behind the Spirit Of Naples

Naples Noteworthy spotlights, “…interesting people in the Naples community, people who may be entrepreneurs, artists, authors, musicians, pastors, teachers, builders, philosophers, or truth-seekers, people who live in Naples, people who are doing good things in our community or in the greater world. People who are a little different. People who aren’t afraid to stand out.”


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