SONDay Monday Screening: Kevin Sorbo

Naples Loves Hercules! KEVIN SORBO fans turn out for the final SONDay Monday screening of 2015-2016 Season.

SorboCircleWhispers flew for weeks leading up to the appearance of KEVIN SORBO at SON’s final SONDay Monday screening of the 2015-2016 season. Was he really coming? Millions around the world know him as the star of the legendary television series Hercules. Millions more came to know him as the star of GOD’S NOT DEAD in 2014.

And, on April 25, fans turned out for the double feature SONDay Monday program at Paragon Theater in Naples. The night began with a screening of the television pilot “Bobby Cannon” starring Sorbo with KATE WALSH (Private Practice, ER) and ROCKY CARROLL (NCIS). Next came the feature film THE SECRET HANDSHAKE, written by HOWIE KLAUSNER (Space Cowboys, The Grace Card). Afterward, fans asked Sorbo numerous questions regarding the entertainment industry and how his faith plays out working within it. They also unanimously asked that Sorbo press the producer of Bobby Cannon to re-approach the networks with the show.

We’ve received quite a few emails from attendees now, letting us know how much they enjoyed the event and look forward to the 2016-2017 Season of SONDay Monday.

So do we!

SONdayMondaylogocroppedThe SONDay Monday program features one film screening per month (excluding summer) at the luxury Paragon Theater on Vanderbilt Beach Road in Naples, FL. Screenings always take place on a Monday  night at 6:30pm. SON provides a film and someone associated with that film to be present at the screening for Q&A afterward. The program raises awareness for SON, its mission, and media worth watching.

2 Comments on “SONDay Monday Screening: Kevin Sorbo

  1. Are you guys still alive??? I have not heard a peep put of you since we put in the floor in your office. Is anything happening? Did I get dropped from the newsletter? Let me know what is going on if you could.
    I see Bob Mesowitz who runs the Bonita Home Depot and he keeps asking when he can meet you. He is excited about the studio as well. Hope all is well.

    Bob Curlew

    • Hi, Bob! I apologize for the silence. We’ve been hard at work putting some projects together! The floor, by the way, is still beautiful. So many people comment on it when they pass by the office. Thank you tons for helping that way. Did you get the announcements this week about the new SONDay Monday screening and the film project we’re working on?

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