Naples Noteworthy Features SON President & CEO Rebeca Seitz

The May 2017 edition of Naples Noteworthy has a familiar face as its feature subject: SON Studios President & CEO Rebeca Seitz. “When it comes to people you should know, Rebeca DeBoard Seitz tops the list. She is an amazing woman; not only is she a writer and a publicist, but she is the President and CEO of SON, the Spirit Of Naples and Southwest Florida, Inc. and home of SON Studios,… Read More

Studio Overview

Why are we building a studio? Because we were just sitting around, twiddling our thumbs, needing a 5-year project! Okay, maybe we have a slightly wiser reason for committing our resources and selves to such a giant undertaking. The real reason is: we’re nuts. Well, not¬†completely nuts. ¬†I mean, how would we manage to raise $50MM for this project if we didn’t have at least a small bit of sanity still lurking… Read More